TOPIA - Impossible I'm possible

We all live among a special breed of people. From a distance it is difficult to tell them apart from the rest of us. At first sight they might even come across as average, with the sameness in features we can see in us all. But don’t be mistaken. They might hide behind sameness and uniforms, but they are in fact alchemists constantly busy with turning esoteric dreams into golden reality. We call them Topians. 

If you get a chance to get closer to one, take a deeper look into their eyes. You will witness the most magnificent sight. Behind their eyelids a roaring ballet of the mind is taking place. It is the electric firestorm that births ideas, as it turns into gentle action. It is a current that flows from their hearts and minds into their hands and feet, lifting them up and forcing them to act, to do, to build and to make the utopian constructions of their minds into real places in the physical World. Places so lush, beautiful and poetic that the rest of us would deem them impossible to create— if we could even imagine them in the first place.

They don’t mind scepticism. Their flame is only fired by nay-sayers. No comfort-seeking, scared or frozen-up resistance can hold them back. They will break any cynical expectation of what life can be, and carry us forward towards a planet with more joy, colours and possibilities. 

So let’s allow ourselves to be amazed by their creations. While some are tiny and only short-lived, others may turn into cathedrals for generations to enjoy. They represent what the world needs now: a hope for a beautiful future for all, not only shared as colourful fairy tells but as places to visit and play. But be warned!  It will prove hard to accept the dull humdrum of average once you have felt a Topia…  

-Text by Morten Nottelmann