Aarhus is giving birth to 35 new Kaospilot graduates, ready to navigate in the world. We hope to offer you a glimpse of the work carried out by Team 20 during their final year. These pragmatic idealists set out to connect with issues, individuals and communities that they believe to be important and then spent half a year developing concepts and projects that were a response to the needs and opportunities they encountered. The projects and experiments they set out to create will offer you a sense of what matters to them, what they learned, and even who they became along the way. Each story is as unique as the student who created it! 


The Outpost semester is an incredibly dynamic and complex semester, one that pulsates with energy, possibility and high expectations. It is also a semester with a strong history and mythology.
During three months in 2016, 45 Kaospilot students from the two different schools took upon the task of starting a temporary organisation In Cape Town, South Africa. The organisation served as a platform for learning through practice of the four disciplines taught at the Kaospilot school during 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester; creative leadership, creative business development, creative process management and creative project management. The students formed 18 projects groups throughout the Outpost, of which 7 aimed at supporting the organisation by working with communication, internal well-being, learning & reflection amongst others. The remaining projects worked with local partners in and around Cape Town, working with everything from a social circus to art studios and comic books. The students had 7 weeks to start, complete and end all projects, each student working in at least 3 different projects. The work was followed by a written 250-page report as well as 2-day exam executed by all students together. Upon departure from Cape Town on the 25th of May the organisation was closed down, having created ideas, suggestions, evolvements for 11 partners as well as having hosted 3 events and established relations with many Capetonians and passed the exam as an organisation. 

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Kaospilot is a hybrid business and design school, a multi-sided education in leadership and entrepreneurship. Our teaching programmes are not designed simply to shape students to fit the future, but to help them create it. The school is located in Aarhus, Denmark and takes in 37 new students every year.